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 amesbury t shirt 20231005 1182055479The weather was good for our first launch back at Woodsom Farm. Temps were in the 60's, partly cloudy with moderate winds blowing toward Lions Mouth Rd in the early part of the day then blowing toward the power lines in the afternoon.

We had a leisurely day with a total of 151 flights. The motor range was from 13mm A up to H. Somewhat lower numbers than we've seen this season, perhaps in part to the date being a rescheduled launch from the week before. There were six high power flights with two L1 certification attempts; both were successful. Congratulations to Joe Robertson and Ford Catlin! We had at least three CATO's (one being mine, again); at least two lawn darts (one, being mine, again), one core sample, and I believe one lost rocket in the trees up on the hill. We did not have any competition flights, and no drag races! Tony V flew a elders of the gentle race 20231011 1675106810really nice 'Thunder Bird'. The pictures in the Gallery do not do it justice. Happy Chutes was there showing off a great - and big - pumpkin chute for the upcoming season. They have really well-made chutes. If you haven't stopped by their tent, you should. Of the 151 flights - 23 of them were from the Rob Caswell/Deb Zeigler team! Can we call them the Casgler, or Zeigwell Team?

All-in-all though, it was a quiet day - which, in a way, was nice!

Acknowledgements to Kenn, Guy, Matt, Scott, Tony, Ed, Todd and everyone else that helped with set-up, take-down and food sales. Pictures are in the Gallery. Please post yours. Our next launch is Oct 14th at Woodsom Farm.