Our next scheduled launch and NRC event will be on 22 June in Acton.

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launch field 20230426 1820974358     Temps were in the 40's most of the day, the sun never showed up and strong winds blowing toward the powerlines meant no high power flights and no flights above 1000 ft. But it was still a great start to a new CMASS season! There were somewhere around 50 to 70 people as the maximum in the early afternoon. No college teams as there were no high power flights allowed; but all the regulars were there with a few new faces.
      We had 209 flights from Micromax to G. I don't know if any rockets were lost and none landed in trees; but there were a large number of CATO's! The most I've seen in a long time. The most spectacular being a drag race CATO on a pair of Estes E12-6's. Our condolences to Steve B. Tony Vincent was busy over the winter with a number of builds and we got to see most of them - all really nice; my favorite was the Saturnian! Bruce Strong launched is Dragon Family. He also launched a couple of unique rockets; the Coleoptere was especially interesting - so was its flight! Theamesbury rockets 20230423 1797140565 Mandalorian made an appearance and a pretty neat Tootsie Roll rocket from Scott Clement. Howard made two gallant tries with Apogee's RC Chute system. The chute came out and unfurled in the first attempt although far too late to see any directed movement. Unfortunately, the chute did not deploy in the second attempt. The winner for the most flights of the day goes to Joe Robertson - with 18! John Maier comes in second with 10! I'm not sure what they win though. And finally, kudos to myself for winning the 'Closest Landing to the Power Lines' Contest. My lime green BSMFA-1, even with Chute Release at 300 ft., landed about 50 yards from the power lines! Don't no body tell Kenn!
     Acknowledgements to Kenn, Guy, Matt, Scott, Tony, Howard, Ed, Tim D., John P. and everyone else that helped with set-up, take-down and food sales. Pictures are in the Gallery. Please post yours. Our next launch is May 27th in Acton!