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chillin in amesbury 20221120 1000427508      At the last launch of the CMASS season, Mr. Kenn Blade of Amesbury, MA launched a mid-power rocket. Your intrepid reporter from the CMASS Picayune was there to record the event. It was a cold day, temperatures in the 30's for most of the day with clear skies. The winds were light to moderate, although blowing toward the homes on the northside of the field, which limited high power flights.

      The rocket that Mr. Blade launched was an Estes Scion. It has been independently confirmed that the rocket was a gift to Mr. Blade by members of CMASS, with the stipulation that he launch the rocket at some point during the 2022 CMASS season. Mr. Blade fulfilled that obligation. Although it should be noted that Mr. Blade launched the Scion rocket at the last launch of the season with 90 minutes left to closing of the launch field. The Scion was launched on a Road Runner E25-4R single use motor, to loud cheers by the many spectators. Mr. Scott Clement of Springfield, MA said "I never thought I'd see the day!". Ms. Debra Zeigler of Haydenville, MA commented "Well, it just took my breath away!", and Mr. James Moe of Stratham, NH commented "It makes you proud to be a CMASS member". This was Mr. Blade's first launch in two years when it was reported that he launched 'a rocket on a B motor' (information supplied on background as the individual was not authorized to comment on the subject). Christie's Auction House in Manhattan has confirmed that it has been offered the launch card for auction. No estimates yet as to the price that the launch card could obtain at auction.

kenn and his scion 20221130 1259297441      Mr. Blade's launch was one of 212 launches that Saturday with motors ranging from 13mm A to I. There were 9 high power flights and, as yet unconfirmed reports of three CATO's. There were close to 100 people in attendance at the maximum, and included the U. Mass Amherst SL1 team and the  Westboro High School TARC team. The Westboro team had several practice TARC launches and sold baked goods as a fund raiser for their team. Other notable flights that day included a drag race of two Upscale Deuce's Wild, each flying on two CTI F79 Smokey Sam motors by Curtis H. A somewhat tipsy Princess Leia was launched by Scott Clement. Howard G. launched his Aerobe Hi as an initial try at using the Apogee Components new RC Gliding Parachute System. Unfortunately, the rocket lawn-darted; hopefully the electronics survived for another try. Your reporter took time out from his journalist duties to launch several rockets including his  'Bird of Prey'.

the launch card 20221130 1480844302      The field closed down a little earlier than usual so as to set up for the annual CMASS Night Launch. The night launch is a joint launch with NORG and was a well-attended. The skies were clear as the temperature dropped after the sun went down. There were about a dozen launches with motors ranging from A through F.         

      Acknowledgements to Kenn, Guy, Matt, Scott, Tony, Howard, Ed, John P. and everyone else that helped with set-up, take-down and food sales. Pictures are in the Gallery.

      The next CMASS launch will its annual 'Winter Follies' sometime in January (date to be announced) and will be reported here in your CMASS Picayune.



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